The self-propelled mechanism Air Bridge is developed by CDC Chain Drive Crane using unique technology, incorporating 52 innovations, and holding an international patent (WO2017064014). There are no similar products on the market.

Manufacturing takes place in South Tyrol, Italy. All manufactured equipment complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/424 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union concerning ropeways, ensuring high-quality standards and safety requirements.
CDC Chain Drive Crane GmbH has developed innovative passenger, cargo, and cargo-passenger ropeways, in which transportation is carried out using a unique self-propelled AirBridge module. Air Bridge represents a cost-effective and technological solution that which can serve as an alternative to bridges, ferries, crossings, winter roads, and traditional ropeways.
Compared to traditional circulating and reversible ropeways, ‘Air Bridge’ achieves economic efficiency through a reduction in the number of linear poles, lower energy consumption, and adjustments to the rolling stock as needed. The efficiency of AirBridge during operation can reach 100%, while for traditional ropeways the efficiency (load on average for the year) does not exceed 10%.
The construction and operation of ‘Air Bridge’ require, on average, three times less capital expenses (CAPEX) and can result in up to a 70% reduction in operating expenses (OPEX), when compared to other ropeways with similar characteristics. Reducing costs significantly reduces the return on investment period and increases the economic attractiveness of the facility.
Unique technology, includes 52 innovations
3 times less CAPEX,
70% lower OPEX
No station, fewer linear poles
High efficiency, low wear
Distance between linear poles > 3km


All “Air Bridge” passenger, cargo, and cargo-passenger ropeway systems are based on a universal “Air Bridge” self-propelled module with an autonomous engine and winches. This module serves as a carrier for cargo, cabins, or platforms. It can operate using electric, diesel, or hybrid engines, and can also function as a backup power source.
Lift incorporated into
the universal module

Boarding can occur at any point along the route using an independent lowering crane.


Equipment and personnel


€ 200k
€ 500k
€ 1 M

Product categories using a self-propelled module


When they compare, they choose us

Example: The construction of a bridge Anadyr across the Anadyr estuary (7.6 km) costs over € 1 billion, whereas the construction of AirBridge, which solves the same problems, costs less than € 45 million.
Regular ropeways
3S ropeways
Air Bridge passenger ropeways
€ 3 M
€ 3 M
€ 5 M
€ 1 M
Length: up to 5 km
Spans: up to 1 km
Length: up to 5 km
Spans: up to 1,5 km
Length: unlimited
Spans: up to 3 km
Max. angle: >60°


Passenger cabins are produсed by Bartholet.Bartholet Maschinenbau AG, headquartered in Flums, Switzerland, is a leading international manufacturer of ropeway systems, amusement parks, mechanical engineering, and lighting systems.


The universal self-propelled AirBridge module is designed by a renowned design bureau and engineering company, ItalDesign, which specializes in vehicle and automobile design (Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.).

Why Choose Air Bridge

  • 1
    Low construction and operating costs compared to regular ring and reversible ropeways with similar characteristics.
  • 2
    Ability to significantly reduce electrical energy consumption by adjusting the number of rolling stocks.
  • 3
    Capability to operate independently of electrical substations, suitable for cargo ropeways, and, in some cases, for passenger ones.
  • 4
    Potential to construct ropeways of practically unlimited length, thanks to the use of track (static) ropes with no traction (constantly moving) ropes.
  • 5
    Capacity to install towers with spans of up to 3 km, depending on the terrain.
  • 6
    The rolling stock's ability to move at angles of over 60 degrees.
  • 7
    Operational safety ensured even under high wind loads and low temperatures, making it suitable for Arctic and Far North conditions.
  • 8
    Environmentally friendly solutions with minimal impact on the environment.
  • 9
    Flexibility for boarding/unboarding and loading/unloading in unequipped points, depending on the configuration.

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