CDC Chain Drive Crane comprises a team of professionals specialized in the construction and maintenance of ropeway systems of all types. The company is affiliated with an international network of independent ropeway experts known as the Ropeway Project Group, which is a leader in the industry both in Europe and worldwide. Additionally, CDC collaborates closely with renowned engineering companies such as Bartholet Maschinenbau AG, SEIK, Ropes, ItalDesign, and others.
A passion for the skilled work it undertakes is an integral part of the company’s DNA. Each project is executed with mastery and precision, always tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs. Depending on the project’s requirements, C.D.C. leverages its multidisciplinary expertise in fields such as engineering, surveying, construction, installation, architecture, urban planning, tourism, and more.
Founded in 2014 in Bolzano, Italy, by Helmut Gurndin and Alexander Philippov, who together bring over 20 years of expertise in ropeway and high-altitude works, the company has not only been involved in projects related to traditional ropeways but also has ventured into the implementation of its proprietary, innovative passenger and cargo ropeways, utilizing patented "Air Bridge" technology.

Our values

Transparency and Quality: With our unwavering commitment to transparency and adherence to high-quality standards, you can trust us to provide precise solutions while meeting European standards.
Customer Orientation and Flexibility: We are flexible and agile, tailoring our processes to the unique needs of our customers and capable of handling projects of any scale.
Interdisciplinarity and Innovation: We blend new ideas with well-established technologies to develop innovative solutions.
Skill and Excellence: Each project is executed by a team of experts who share a passion for delivering excellence at the highest level.




Benefit from the services of a professional team in the design, construction and installation of rope transport systems of any type, as well as for high-altitude work and slope strengthening work



Innovative ropeways by CDC


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